150 years of NITROERG has become a fact

It was on July 1, 1871 that the foundation act was written and signed in Opole by the local Office for Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Prussia.

The six‑page long foundation act of the future factory specified in detail how the factory facilities should be located, built and equipped; it introduced a categorical ban on the on‑site use of footwear “having any metal parts” and also ordered that “only fully trustworthy people deserve to work there.” It also stipulated that, “in the event of any damage and hazards that may arise from the start‑up of the plant”, the granted permit may be withdrawn “at any time” (with suitable compensation for the owner). Moreover, a reservation was made that the permit would expire spontaneously, if investors “fail to put it to use within one year of receiving this document” or if they “stop the operation of the factory within three years and leave it in that state without seeking for a different date”.

And so began our history, which continues to this day.

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