EMULINIT 2 and EMULINIT STRONG are cartridge explosives sensitized with microspheres, for works in underground and open-pit mines as well as for engineering works carried out in dry and wet holes. It is a cap sensitive explosive.

EMULINIT 2 is recommended for use in blasting operations in hard rocks, for engineering work and for the construction of tunnels, especially in the case of wet holes and in the presence of flowing water in the deposit.

EMULINIT STRONG is recommended for preventive torpedo blasting.

EMULINIT 2 and EMULINIT STRONG cannot be used in conditions of coal dust and/or methane explosion hazard.

For detailed information on the properties, temperature range and conditions of use of EMULINIT 2 and EMULINIT STRONG, please refer to the data sheet – downloadable file.