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We practised with firefighters

Four people injured, including one employee of our company, two firefighters and a bystander. Two buildings destroyed and a burnt part of the forest from the south. This is the summary of the fire that broke out on November 21 at the warehouse base in Bieruń. Fortunately, these were just exercises.

The script reflected the course of events that could have taken place in reality. As a result of a fire on a warehouse base, the first woman seriously affected was working in this place. About 50% of the body surface suffered head injury and burns. She was given first premedical help by NITROERG employees. Then the ambulance took her to hospital. Firefighters arrived, they also found one unconscious man whose identity during the operation was unknown. He also went to the hospital. Just like two firefighters who suffered during the firefighting operation. The fire fighting began with the services of NITROERG S.A., and then the action was continued by numerous fire brigade units. The fire was quickly controlled.

NITROERG due to the nature of production is a plant particularly vulnerable to the occurrence of various adverse events. Together, we take actions to minimize the risk of their occurrence. Today’s exercises allow us to check the procedures described in the emergency plan, as well as to become better acquainted with the nature of production and the topography of the Bierun factory – said the brig. Szczepan Komorowski, spokesman for the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Tychy.

Let us add that similar exercises are carried out in both of our locations once every 3 years. In addition to fire brigades, police officers, representatives of local governments and the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Katowice also take part in them. They are an opportunity to verify not only the procedures of services, but also our internal.

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