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Volleyball festival in Krupski Młyn

Volleyballers and the training staff of the Cuprum Lubin club visited Krupski Młyn on November 15. The players who play PlusLiga on a daily basis faced children and adult volleyball amateurs.

The meeting began with a warm-up led by trainer Marcelo Fronckowiak, a Brazilian with Polish roots and his mentees. Then the children from Krupski Młyn and Potępa had the opportunity to face the professionals during specially arranged games. The “copper” visit was also an attraction for slightly older participants of the meeting, including adults playing in an amateur volleyball team. They could face the guests from Lubin who won the game 15:11. At the end of the meeting there was time for talks with athletes, joint photos and of course autographs.

The meeting was held at the initiative of our Company, which has been sponsoring KS Cuprum Lubin since 2015, – We support cultural and sport initiatives related to health promotion and environmental protection. Today’s meeting is to make young people aware that it is worth having dreams, leading an active lifestyle and doing sports. Initiatives like this show that there is an interesting and attractive alternative to a laptop, console or smartphone. It is just physical activity – says Krzysztof Maciejczyk, spokesman for NITROERG S.A.

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