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In the ether of Nobel

The awarding of the Nobel Prize to the Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk was an opportunity to visit the RMF FM radio team in our company, inherently connected with the person of the great Swedish inventor and his patents.

Journalists visited both our locations in the first days of December. In Bieruń they talked about the history of our plants, production, as well as the inventions of Alfred Nobel. They admired the only monument in Poland dedicated to his person and visited the exhibition set in front of the Emulsion Materials Plant. In Krupski Młyn, at the local training ground, they took part in specially prepared “blasting” involving dynamite and a detonating fuse. They also had the opportunity to talk about the technology of producing explosives. The resulting recordings (sound and film) as well as photographs were presented on the eve and on the day of the Nobel Prize Awards (9 and 10 December) on the nationwide RMF FM antenna and on the website of the radio station (polish version).

We practised with firefighters

Four people injured, including one employee of our company, two firefighters and a bystander....

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