About the safety and optimization of blasting works

Another edition of the scientific and technical conference organized by Nitroerg took place in Ustroń from 6 to 7 October 2022. As usual, the event was attended by employees of underground mines, representatives of industry institutions (Higher Mining Office, Central Mining Institute), as well as the companies of KGHM.

The main topic of the conference – Safety and optimization of blasting works in underground mining, was met with great interest by the entire community of mining community. It was a response to the current needs in terms of not only safe, but also more effective extraction of natural resources. It was also a good opportunity to refresh contacts after a 3-year pandemic break.

Among the many issues raised during the session, particular attention was paid to the results of the implementation doctorates of Nitroerg employees, written at the Silesian University of Technology and the Military University of Technology. One of them is the development of an innovative and ecological formula of a bulk emulsion explosive, the effect of which is to increase the detonation parameters and chemical stability. Another concerned the safe use of detonators in underground mining.

On the second day, the participants took part in technical consultations, during which there was an opportunity to exchange experiences related to the use of Nitroergu products.

We invite you to watch the coverage of the workshops on the Nitroerg channel on YouTube.

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