The earliest information about the company ERG in Bieruń are dated back to 1871 when the Silesian Factory of Explosives was founded, just  4 years after the invention of dynamite by Alfred Nobel.

In 1874, another explosive company was established - Lignose Sprengstoffwerk GMbH in Krupski Młyn

Almost continuously in the years from 1874 to 1945, both plants were producing explosives and blasting agents.

After World War II both Companies became state own companies.

In the early 60s of last century, both production plants spread their activity and established the production line of plastic products.

During the 90's of last century, both companies have been converted into wholly state-owned companies: NITRON-ERG into NITRON SA Company and the company in Bieruń into joint stock company ZTS ERG Bieruń SA.
At the same time, both companies expended their activities with new products. In 1996 – Krupski Mlyn started the production of detonating cords and in 1997 the production of the fuel additive (2-EHN - NITROCET 50).
At the same year ZTS ERG Bieruń S.A. implemented the production of emulsion explosives.

To meet the expectations and new demands of the domestic and global markets, in 2002 both plants began production of a complete non-electric initiation system. In 2005 the production line of schock tube was opened.
On 1st December 2006 both companies merged into NITROERG S.A.

In June 2010, as part of the restructuring project, NITROERG S.A. sold Plastic Divisions in both localizations.

Since then NITROERG S.A., fields of activities are explosives and and initiating systems and fuel additive (NITROCET 50).

On 2nd February 2011 the shares of NITROERG S.A. were purchased by the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., - one of the leading producers of refined copper and silver in the world. According to data provided by the company KGHM is the sixth producer of electrolytic copper and the first largest producer of silver in the world.